Friday, May 20, 2011

Introduction A Queenie rant and a few thoughts.

I enjoy dressing my panty boy bra bitch up.It's  an erotic way for him to show his devotion.

Lately he has his panties in a wad and hasn't worn his panties.

The worthless whimp wants only to wear his bra.

I have informed him that a real sissy would never wear a bra without panties!

Well I hope he decides soon to wear his panties again and will stop being such a panty waste!

The last two days I have made it a point to shop for new panties.Searching, touching and being picky is my

ritual for panty shopping....I saw a few pairs I would love to slide up his legs, cover his cock with and remind

often whose panties he is wearing..

Have I found him a new pair of panties? I'm not saying. He will have to wait and see for himself. Maybe if he asks often, wears his panties again, begs me and tells me how pussy whipped he is for his Queenie. MAYBE he will know. Maybe if he is a true, adoring panty boy, when I return from the trip, I will let him see and feel his new panties. IF he has earned a NEW PAIR..IF I have bothered to buy him a pair.

He has so many pairs of panties and they are going to waste, just there not being used. Doesn't he know how lucky he is? I'm a panty boys DREAM. I'm sexy,cute, creative and a fem goddess, some would give their left nut to wear panties for me.

Plus, I get off knowing how he humiliates himself for me. Wearing all those fem things that I give him. He doesn't even have to say how pussy whipped he is, I can see it when he dresses for me. He shows his devotion wearing panties and such.

He dreams of me dressing him up, applying makeup, doing his hair and nails. He's such a sissy. A sexy sissy.

I'm not limited. I enjoy seeing my wimpy, sissy boy in all things fem.

So I have created this blog as a tool.

A place for me to write my Queenie desires and for my panty boy to read them.

A place for him, to respond and humiliate himself even more so...

Now for the Panty picture of the day...I like the sweet PINK bows. I'm crazy for anything PINK. The lace bands accentuate his legs. Yes, I could see my panty boy wearing these!


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